Project Save Phyllis

Yesterday, I checked up on Phyllis (yes, she’s still alive…and yes, I know, it’s a miracle) and noticed some white stuff on the soil as well as some roots sticking out.


Naturally, I panicked. Sooo I tweeted for help…


…and the twitterati replied with advice on how to save Phyllis (thanks @fouadm @_BuRashid_ @_naima for your help!). I decided to take the twinfo as a starting point to my research on how to save Phyllis, only to realise that I didn’t know what type of plant Phyllis is (d’oh!). So, I gave Google Goggles a whirl- it couldn’t tell me what kind of plant Phyllis was, but it did identify it as a plant (that was pretty impressive!).

After alot of online searching, I decided the best way was to join a forum with gardening experts and ask them!


So apparently, Phyllis is a Dracaena ‘Compacta’. Funnily enough, I came across the Dracs yesterday during my search- I just didn’t recognise it because this is what Phyllis will look like when she’s all grown up!



The white stuff is fungus from over-watering (*sigh*), but the great news is that Phyllis is not dying! I just have to pot up and go easy on the watering (the tip given to me was to only water when the soil is dry to the depth of my second knuckle). For soil, I’ll be looking for “potting soil” (a mixture of compost, sand, and perlite, ususally), and “orchid soil” to mix the two together (50/50). Apparently this will improve the drainage, which will help Phyllis. For fertilizer, I’ll be looking for seaweed emulsions- apparently they’re one of the safest to use on houseplants. If you know where I can get the pot, potting soil, orchid soil, and seaweed emulsions, leave a note in the comments. And feel free to leave any other gardening tips for me!


So there’s my Friday morning all set- Project Save Phyllis!


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