Time out

So I’m writing this standing up waiting to board my flight to Bali. People I have old have first expressed shock that I’m going to this island, followed by pity that I’m going on my own. I don’t get it- what’s wrong with traveling solo? It’s not like I had much choice; and I’m not going to put off a much needed vacation because I have no one to go with.

Bali wasn’t on the cards at all- and no, I didn’t get ‘inspired’ by Eat Pray Love (I only got halfway through the India bit). Initially I was planning to go to Canadia to visit family, and make a trip to NYC and Montreal too, but no one was able to take enough time off so I decided not to spend 30 hours flying followed by a fortnight of doing pretty much nothing.

So I started looking up trips to China. I’ve always been interested in their history and culture- I even took up learning Mandarin for a year at one point (it’s so hard!). I was also thinking about Europe; I’ve always wanted to go and travel by train to all the different countries to see the sights. After meeting up with my very good friend and human travel guide, @calltheromans, and sharing these plans I was looking into, I left that evening dead set on going to Europe- he made it sound so exciting!

So I then went on to check out contiki trips to Europe. A friend of mine went on one a few years ago and had loads of fun, but advised that it more fun to go with someone on that trip. I also found the whole thing way over my budget (read: I’d be eating 2-minute noodles for all 3 meals for a very long time) and started thinking ‘do I really want to spend two weeks running around like a headless chicken, packing and unpacking every few days?’

I then remembered a friend of mine (@Siddhi_D) who went to this retreat for cleansing and meditation, and thought ‘hmmm, my life’s been a little crazy lately. I could use a really relaxing vacation like that’.
See, this year was the first time that my car’s registration was overdue by 2 months. It was also the first time I had Saliks of well over 1200dhs because I kept forgetting to top it up. It was the first time I postponed a dentist appointment by 8 months, and took my car to servicing 15000km later instead of the usual 5k. It’s never been so hectic before; so yea I definitely needed to get away and get it together.

I asked Siddhi where she went. She told me it was a retreat in Phuket, Thailand. So I started looking it up, along with similar searches on Emirates Holidays, Trip Advisor and Expedia. And that’s when Bali popped up. I decided to ask another friend of mine who is also a travel guru, @derrickpereira, about Bali vs Phuket for this retreat idea. He said the weather now is better in Bali…

And that’s how it all came about. Booking stuff is a whole other story, and maybe I’ll write about it later. Right now I’m about to board my flight! Later!

P.S. Forgive any typos or grammar mistakes- I wrote this whole thing on my iPhone!

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