Book Review: The Bronte Project

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I love the Bronte sisters and their books. Even though I’m not considered the ‘romantic type’, I just love the way they write, the (often tragic) story lines, and the way they intertwine the lives of the characters with each other. One of my favourite books is Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte


So you can see why I would pick a book called The Bronte Project to read. It’s about a scholarly woman- Sara Frost- who’s doing her doctorate on Charlotte Bronte love letters, but it’s wasn’t really going anywhere for her and  at the risk of being dropped from the program. Her fiance, on the other hand, is a successful writer and has published several books. They go to this party, and enters Claire Vigee- a ‘Princess Diana expert’ (if there is such a thing- if you haven’t lived with someone, you don’t know jack about them. But that’s just my opinion)- with her charm and wild red hair. And that’s when Sara’s life starts falling apart, only then to pick up the pieces and watch Claire crumble as they become friends. Yea, it’s kind of weird.

I have to say though, I have never been more disappointed in a book. Jennifer Vandever (the author) did a fabulous job  boring me to death, with a flailing story line. The characters are plain; Sara had my eyes rolling the whole time. And the love letters, which are the premise of the book, ended up on the sidelines; that made reading the entire book rather pointless, really.


Rating: Don’t bother reading it, even if it was the last book on Earth. I give it 1 Oi out of 5 (if that).


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