Movie Review: Cirque Du Soleil- Worlds Away

Let me start off by saying I love Cirque Du Soleil. I’ve been lucky enough to catch 2 different shows of theirs- Alegria and Quidam- and both were spectacular. So you can imagine the kind of expectation I went in with to this film. Because Cirque Du Soleil is basically the circus on steroids, I expected the movie to be Cirque Du Soleil on steroids. 

But all I saw was Cirque Du Soleil on a big screen, with water elements (as this was no longer a limitation for them), minus the excitement. The beauty of their live performances is all the anticipation and amazing tricks they do while before your very eyes. It’s a very engaging show. I nearly fell asleep watching the film though, and I never ever fall asleep watching anything! In the film, there were too many shots of the performances in slow motion; they’re beautiful but then I got tired of it. The flow of the music didn’t move me either. I’m not undermining the talent or all the production that went into making this- it looks like a ton of effort and I appreciate that- but it didn’t really give me the same kind of excitement as the live shows. And after speaking to a few people who also saw their live shows I found they shared similar sentiments.

Yes they did have a story (the quest to find the Aerialist), and yes they had their fabulously extravagant costumes and everything they did looked effortless; but is filming Cirque Du Soleil on a bigger stage and showing it in 3D really ‘bringing it to life’? In my opinion, it isn’t.


Rating: If you’ve never been to a live show, this is a nice intro to Cirque Du Soleil. Kids would love this too. If have been to a live show, I say skip it and avoid disappointment. I give it 3 Oi’s out of 5.

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