The year in [Google] Search

As the year comes to a close, Google has released a 2012 Zeitgeist (and an awesome video- watch above) capturing what the world was searching for this year.

The UAE top trending query is Gangnam style (given that this was only a recent event yet trumped everything in the year), and the top trending person is Whitney Houston. Same as Australia, actually…

The epic Arabic series ‘Omar’ was the most searched for in the UAE, followed by the Arabic-dubbed Turkish show ‘Fatima’. The latter was the most searched for TV show in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

On a global level…
  • Top search: Whitney Houston was the most search for topic overall, followed by Gangnam Style and Hurricane Sandy. 
  • Top images: One Direction- I guess the teens have moved on from Justin Beiber.
  • Top film: The Hunger Games, followed by Skyfall and Prometheus. 
Check out what the world was up to on Google here.

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