Movie Review: Hyde Park on Hudson

This is a period movie telling the story of President Roosevelt’s womanizing ways (who woulda thought?!) through a woman called Daisy, and is actually based her letters documenting all of this??that were hidden in a box under her bed! The movie is mostly in narrative form from Daisy’s point of view, and is not very fast-paced so you have to have a lot of patience with this movie. Bill Murray was phenomenal playing President Roosevelt- I personally think it was his best performance ever- and the film was really funny as well, especially when the King and Queen of England visit the US in 1939; their concern over ‘hot dogs’ made everyone laugh every time. My sister was bored to death though, so this movie definitely isn’t for those who love the typical Hollywood blockbuster.

Rating: If you like period films, watch this. If you don’t, watch it anyway for Bill Murray’s performance. I give it 4 Oi’s out of 5.

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