Movie Review: Line of Sight

Another Jordanian film (I’m really impressed by the calibre of movies coming out from these new young directors!) that was about a newly married woman whose car gets stolen, except one of the thieves gets left behind and she holds him at gun point in an attempt to get her car back. The whole movie revolves around that scene, with flashbacks into the stories of the man and the woman, understanding their backgrounds better as the movie progresses. It’s a movie that tackled several topics really well- the choices we make and their consequences (in the director’s words ‘there are no victims in this story’); a peak into Jordan’s social classes, the lives they lead, and the big gaps between them; and what we want to believe vs. the truth.??

The film was written and directed by Aseel Mansour, and he did a fantastic job at both.

Rating: Gripping movie that keeps you thinking up until the very end. It hits theaters in the UAE in January, so make sure you see it. I give it 5 Oi’s out of 5.

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