Movie Review: The Thieves

Imagine Ocean’s 11, but Korean-style and ten times better. That pretty much sums up The Thieves. It was a blockbuster hit in South Korea, and I can see why. The dialogue was funny (even with subtitles!), and the action scenes were awesome. And even though neither one is realistic, The Thieves was a lot more realistic than Ocean’s 11 because, guess what, a heist that big is more likely to fail than to succeed. And with that kind of thinking, it gave the story a lot more to go with than just a simple Heist, and a few more twists too. It was also cool to see female leads playing key roles in the heist, unlike the all-male team formed by Mr. Ocean.

Rating: Really fun to watch, and so funny even with the English subtitles. I give it 5 Oi’s out of 5.

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