Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty


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Zero Dark Thirty revolves around events within the CIA that led to the killing of OBL. Unfortunately, this is your typical ‘good guy, bad guy’ Hollywood movie, which is a real shame because it deals with a topic that’s been making news rounds for the last 11 years. You have your stubborn American woman who is obsessed with taking down Al Qaeda, and all the terrorist acts against the CIA in Pakistan and Afghanistan over the years after Sep 11. As a result they made torturing suspects to get intel look acceptable and justified to protect the Homeland, and Obama’s decision to shut down CIA interrogation cells look like a bad idea.

The movie also lost all credibility with me because, as usual, Hollywood overlooked the most simple elements. For example, why would you be speaking Arabic to kids in a Pakistani neighborhood? Wouldn’t they be talking Urdu? And why would Pakistanis in OBL’s neighbourhood not listen to or understand the soldier speaking to them in Urdu, but suddenly comprehend ‘back off they will kill you’ in English? It’s stupid oversights like this that really bother me, especially when you’re telling the story of someone that has had a big impact on everyone in the world. It also started off with ‘The Saudi Group’ in big letters; if you’re going to oversimplify the plot, at least do your average viewer some courtesy in explaining who they are instead of just throwing names out like that.

Rating: I’d rather put 20 hours into watching Homeland (which is fantastic by the way) than spend a couple of hours watching this movie. I give it 2 Oi’s out of 5.

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