Movie Review: Oblivion


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Oblivion is basically Eagle Eye, Independence Day, I Robot, Vanilla Sky, and Wall.E all badly rolled into one story for this movie.

It’s about post-apocalyptic Earth, where it’s left in ruins because of an Alien War. Jack Harper (Tom Cruise- they really need to find new non-Jack names for his lead characters) is the last repairman for the drone that are out there scanning the Earth for ‘Scavs’ (i.e. enemy aliens). He still has a fascination with the ‘old Earth’ though, and has a little hideout shack where he takes little trinkets he finds (Wall.E anyone?) and goes to chill out. He also has this recurring dream of this woman, and he just can’t figure it out. On one of his trips, something drops on Earth and he decides to go and find out what happened- against HQ commands mind you. He uncovers several pods with- *gasp*- humans in them! And lo and behold, in one of the pods is the woman in that recurring dream. The drones are in the area and they start shooting at the pods, which Jack finds strange because they’re supposed to be going after Scavs, not humans. All of them are destroyed except for the one with the woman, who Jack saves and takes back with him. From there he starts uncovering all sorts of stuff, until he gets to the truth of who he really is, and who the woman is, and what ALL OF THIS IS REALLY ABOUT. At which point, they half redeem themselves with the storyline, but then they screw it up again when they go into space, and the ending puts that final nail in the coffin.

The soundtrack and production value are incredible, but it hardly makes up for the weak storyline.

Rating: This is the first movie where I actually swore out loud at the screen. It had so much potential- *sigh* that’s Hollywood for you. I give it 2 Oi’s out of 5.

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