Movie Review: White House Down


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White House Down is a typical American ‘Die Hard’-esque action film; it’s a story about an ex-army guy, John Cale (Channing Tatum), who went into private security but his dream is to be part of the Secret Service. He’s also divorced, and has a daughter who hates him but obsessed with politics. So to win his daughter over, John manages to get two tickets to the White House tour and takes her along. Then the terrorist attack strikes and, well, I think you know how it goes from there…

Don’t get me wrong, I liked every Die Hard film so I enjoyed this film too, but like I wrote earlier it’s your typical sequence of events- the Bad Guys, the President, the One Guy At The Wrong Time And Wrong Place But Right Background Who Saves Everyone And Looks Good The Whole Time, and Lots of Explosions. The dialogues between Jamie Foxx (the President) and Channing Tatum were giggle-worthy, but the storyline and characters were very flat so you can’t really take the political angle seriously. Still, it’s an entertaining film to watch.

Rating: I give it 3 Oi’s out of 5.

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