Dolores update (status: not dead)

I haven’t posted about Dolores since I first got her, and many people (myself included) thought she’d be dead by now, following the deaths of Phyl and Phyllis. But she is alive and well! Surprising, I know, and I’ve learned a few things about Dolores while taking care of her. For one thing, she hates it when there’s new soil in her pot and quiet places. So I added extra fertilizer to her soil and took her to the office to sit at my desk; she totally loved the big windows and banter around her. Now she’s back at home sitting by the window, and I keep the TV on while I’m away so she doesn’t get lonely. I think it’s working because she’s grown out of her old pot!

Here’s Dolores in her new home:


I’m very happy that she hasn’t died on me. Maybe I’m not a serial plant killer after all.

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