Movie Review: Rush


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Rush is the ultimate frenemy story. It’s the biography of two F1 drivers- James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl), narrated by Lauda. The movie starts halfway through the film at a significant turning point in the story line before going back to the beginning of their rivalry. Their first encounter will show you that they were never destined to get along. Their personalities were polar opposites- Hunt was free-spirited and ‘wild’, while Lauda was level-headed and clever with car mechanics. Over time, it became less about the sport and more about each one outdoing the other on the race track, as they both moved up the ranks of Formula 1. Their goal to be the best and competitive obsession with each other transformed both Hunt and Lauda to the worst versions of themselves.

This film is quite different than other Ron Howard films (A Beautiful Mind, Angels and Demons, Frost/Nixon), and is my favorite by far. It strikes the perfect balance between sport and biography, through a suspenseful storyline without compromising on character depth. I was particularly impressed by Bruhl’s performance; he did a very good job of making Lauda unlikeable. The film provokes the thought of whether being the best- being Number One- is really worth risking it all, and really put the concepts of rivalry and respect into perspective.

Rating: If you’re a F1 enthusiast, you’ll definitely appreciate this film. And if you’re not (like me), I guarantee you’ll love it; it might even get you to buy a pass to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. I give it 5 Oi’s out of 5.

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