Movie Review: Captain Philips


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This is the ultimate pirate movie.

It’s easy to imagine pirates wearing eye-patches, puffy shirts, having a hook for a hand and wooden stump for a leg shouting ‘arrrghhh’. But this is the real world, and Jack Sparrow’s pirate ways don’t even come close.

The film is based on the true story of Captain Rich Philips, played by Tom Hanks, who was held hostage by Somali pirates in 2009. The telling of this tale- from screenplay to cinematography- progresses at a moderate yet intense pace without being dramatic, which would have otherwise trivialized the situation. The movie also sheds light on the underlying motivation behind piracy and puts a human face to the pirates of today’s world.

Even though Captain Philips is played by Tom Hanks, you don’t feel his stardom overshadow the part, and that is only something an actor as incredibly talented as him can pull off. He seamlessly displays the expertise of Philips as a captain- the way he protected his crew, built trust to manipulate the pirates, communicated with the US Navy- while at the same time showing how the pressure was getting to him over time as a human being.

And you have to hand it to the Americans: they know how to protect their own. It’s no wonder they’re the most powerful nation on the planet.

Rating: I give it 5 Oi’s out of 5.


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