A decade of blogging


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It’s been a decade since I first started blogging, and even though the archives only go back as far as 2008, the older posts still exist on my iMac drive but I took them down since they were written before I put my name on the blog. How much has changed since then!


The funny thing is, since I switched to blogging under my real name (versus an alias), the identity of my blog started fading- the irony! The nature of my work made me feel I had to constantly self-censor, and as social media has become more mainstream, people online in general have become really mean! Everyone is so sensitive, and there’s been a big shift to the ‘herd mentality’ online; like people aren’t allowed to have different opinions. So I guess I was afraid of being judged, and as a result my blog started to sound less and less like me and more ‘commercial’, and so I’ve been writing less over time. It’s been eating away at me slowly for years. 


Turning 30 last December has forced me to take a hard look myself and take stock of my life, and this blog. When I started out, it was my go-to place to vent and ramble and say whatever is on my mind (which is why it’s always been ‘thought transfer in progress’). I was writing for me, and I was happier for it. It’s time to go back to that!


I hope you stick around; there’s more to come.

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