Wait, is Coachella a music or fashion festival?

Source: Coachella

For the past few years, there’s been a rising trend with Coachella- most of the coverage is about what you should wear, what people are wearing, which celebs have been spotted and what they’re wearing and doing. Aside from a couple of mentions on Instagram about Alt-J’s performance and purposefully visiting Rolling Stone’s website, I saw pretty much nothing covering the actual music or art. A quick Google search on the Festival will show you a page full of this news about the stuff I mentioned earlier (plus this year’s antics of Madonna kissing Drake and leaving him perplexed on stage).

When did Coachella get taken over by fashion and celebrities attending the event? By the looks of it, it’s more like making a fashion statement than actually going to enjoy some good music and chill out. Or maybe it’s still about the music, but fashion brands (and tabloids/publications) are drowning it out with all the noise they’re making online. 

Either way, fashion killed the music star.

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