Movie Review: The Wolverine

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I’m a big fan of Wolverine, and the X-Men too, and I’ve enjoyed all the past movies- yes, even X-Men III and X-Men Origins: Wolverine- so I was looking forward to seeing The Wolverine. But I came out with mixed feelings.

Without giving too much away, the story is set in modern day Japan and is linked to someone from Logan’s past during the war. It’s also a continuation from X-Men III, where Jean is dead and he’s still not over killing her.

The storyline showed Wolverine’s vulnerabilities and brought out his character on a deeper level than the other films, since there were only a couple of other mutants in the film. But it was still weak, especially with the main antagonist’s grand plot and the ‘love’ story- how can you still be getting over Jean and fall for someone else? It didn’t make sense to me and it felt like they just tossed that bit in there. It was also more mellow than the usual style of X-Men movies, despite all the exciting action scenes- I think ninjas tend to have that effect.

At one point I really didn’t know what will happen to The Wolverine, and that’s really how the movie kept me interested. That, and the ‘secret’ scene after credits; it’s definitely worth watching the movie for those couple of minutes alone- your mind will be blown, guaranteed.

Rating: I give it 3.5 Oi’s out of 5

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